Zipper kinds – The way of closing the sleeping – bag is chosen on the basis of clients preferences, weather conditions and comfortableness.

Full zipper called 1/1 is the most popular way of closing the sleeping-bag. The zipper goes along the whole side of the sleeping-bag which makes going out of the sleeping-bag comfortable. 1/1 zipper strikes a happy medium between users comfort and the maximum level of thermal conditions.

L-type zipper got its name from the specific shape. This kind of zipper is longer than a typical sleeping-bag closure and it enables to open the sleeping-bag bottom. Such zipper provides good ventilation at hot nights and enables the user to walk in the sleeping-bag – one needs to open the bottom of the sleeping-bag and can walk to the tent.

Choosing full zipper and ventilation one gets two separate zippers that form the L zipper shape. One zipper goes along the sleeping-bag and the other through its bottom part. This system is similar to the L-type zipper but additionally it enables for more precise linking of two sleeping-bags.

Proper thermal conditions are fundamental for comfortable sleep in expeditionary sleeping-bags. Short 1/2 zipper allows for opening half of the sleeping-bag. It joins user comfort with decrease in heat losses through the zipper. Additionally, legs that are the most cold sensitive parts of the body have better comfort.

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